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How to find the Source Code of a Web Page

The source code of a webpage is the programming behind the particular website, or software. In the case of websites, anybody can view these codes using the web browser itself, or use tools such as our online website source code viewer.

Why you need to view source codes:

  • To troubleshoot problems: This is an essential tool for website owners, as you will need to get source code of the website for troubleshooting any issues with your website. 
  • For educational purposes: You may also want to view the source code of a website to simply see how it works, and educate yourself. This is helpful for students learning HTML for educational purposes. You can do this with our website source code viewer, but we strongly advise against copying any codes to use on your website. This can amount to copyright infringement and content violation charges, unless explicitly stated otherwise and allowed by the website owners.
  • To find the source of a web page: In another case, if you want to know the source of a specific web page, you will need to find the source code of the website. In certain cases, the web page may not allow you to view the source code. This is where our free website source code viewer can help you. This tool makes the entire process completely hassle-free. It saves you time and effort, by generating accurate and reliable results in a matter of seconds.
  • For search engine optimization: The website source code viewer is also helpful for search engine optimization, or SEO. This is because search engines only look at your website’s source code. The web page may look visibly flawless to you, however, there is a chance that it doesn’t match your search engine or web crawlers’ standard requirements. Therefore, it is important to make a habit of checking and rechecking your source codes especially the header tags including title and description tags. Website owners and marketers may want to check certain features in a specific URL, and for this purpose they will look into the source code and check how it works.

Use our website source code viewer to view the formatted version of your website’s source code, or any other website’s source code for that matter. It takes minimal effort on your part; all you have to do is copy-paste the URL of the concerned website.

How our Website Source Code Viewer works:

You can utilize this website source code viewer in two simple steps:

  1. Input the URL of a specific website you want to check in the text field displayed.  
  2. Click the ‘submit’ button to view the source code.

It is as easy as that. This tool will display the exact source code of the website after processing. This function will take only a couple seconds. 

Anybody can use this tool; you don’t need any technical expertise or programming experience for it. It is extremely user friendly and easy to run. 

It enables you to check up on the features of any website by simply entering its URL. You will be able to see how a particular web page works and the specific features of the site that enable this. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people generate source code for any website or HTML page. 

We have carefully developed this tool keeping your convenience in mind. This is one of the easiest tools you can operate, delivering any source code you request, efficiently. You also do not need to take the time to install any software or programs to your device. We offer you this tool online so you can utilize our services anytime, anywhere. This is why our tool is chosen by website owners and SEO experts alike. 

What’s more, it is available absolutely free of cost. What are you waiting for? Try out our website source code viewer today!