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All About Website Screenshot Generator Online Tool

The website screenshot generator, as the name suggests, helps you take the screenshot of a website.

Now, you may already know how to do this using the print screen or screenshot option on your device. However, this function may be different for different devices. The actual purpose of creating this website screenshot generator online is to help you, as a webmaster to instruct users if required. It is also a helpful tool for many internet users who do not want to go to the trouble of learning how to take screenshots on their device. 

If you are a webmaster, your customers might contact you to complain about issues with the website. Visiting the site to examine it yourself may not be the best way in certain situations, as you probably won’t face the same issue. In this case, one of the best ways to help here is to get their page screenshot so you can see for yourself. But what if your customer does not know how to take a screenshot? 

It can be time consuming to explain the steps to take a screenshot, especially because it could be different for your device and theirs.  On mobile devices, this is normally easy. You just have to press the home button and volume button simultaneously. For computers, on some you need to press the print screen button (PrtScr) and control button (Ctrl).  For some other computers, it will be the alt button + print screen button. To save the screenshot, you will need to open MS paint and paste the captured screen, then save it as a jpeg image. In the case of mac computers, you have to follow different steps. It is a different set of instructions depending on each device. So you will have to identify what device your customer is using, find out how screenshots works for the same, and finally explain it to your customer step by step, so they can follow easily. This can be overwhelming for you and the customer as well. 

Our web page screenshot generator is a ready-made solution to this issue. Instead of finding out the details of your customer’s device and walking them through the steps of taking a screenshot on said device, you can simply ask them to use this website screenshot generator online. 

Why or when you will need to take screenshots:

There are a number of situations where screenshots are useful. Some of its uses are:

  • To view the screenshot taken by your search engine when your website was last crawled
  • To send a report about any issues to your website hosting service
  • To document the history of  your website before making changes
  • To exchange ideas with website developer 
  • To share your developing website work with colleagues so that you can get their input. 

Your device manufacturers provide the screenshot option or print screen option for this purpose. Operating systems are also designed to incorporate this tool. However, you need basic technical knowhow to be able to use it. You have to know the right buttons to capture the screen, and also how to save the image on your device. Google screenshot API or screenshot API JavaScript or free screenshot API can also be used for this purpose.

You can skip all these steps and just use our website screenshot generator online. We offer you the simplest method and the most convenient tool to take automated website screenshots.  

How it works:

It is extremely easy to use our website screenshot generator online. It is a simple and handy tool, which can save you a lot of time and effort if the user does not know how to take screenshots. 

Simply find our page on your browser, and the web page screenshot generator icon will be displayed. Now all you have to do is enter the URL of the website you want to screenshot, in the area provided.

Click on the ‘submit’ button to run the program. This tool will immediately display the screenshot, which you can easily copy-paste to your device and share according to your needs. 

It does not get any simpler than this. Try out our website screenshot generator online, absolutely free of charge. You won’t be disappointed.