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About Website Links Count Checker

The more quality links you have on a website, higher the ratings will be in search engines. This “Website Links Count Checker” tool from CYFER SEO Tools can be used to check the links on your web pages quickly.
Website Links Count Checker tool will help you count the number of outgoing links present on a specific page. To ensure the quality of a website, one must definitely check the amount of external links on their web pages frequently.
You should always give priority to the links that help your business rather than pull your business down. Focus on the links which will boost your brand. Use links that produce trust among the visitors.
Use this Website Links Count Checker tool as a beginning point to remove the pages that could possibly harm the reputation of your website if you are going to share links. Then, carry out further analysis by manually examining the relevance of that particular URL or web page.


We at CYFER SEO Tools provide our site visitors the best tool that can count both the internal and external links. This results in showing the link value of your website.
There will be both internal and external links present on the website. Try to avoid the links which you think are not valuable to your website. Because the more quality links a website has, chances are higher it gets ranked by Google.
This tool from CYFER SEO Tools can help you track the internal, external and backlinks of your web pages. The results provided by the tool also indicate if there are no follow links present or not. No-follow links are treated as danger. Those links are something which are to be avoided.
You can significantly improve the quality of the web pages in your website using this website links count checker tool.


Check out how simple it is to use this tool!

  1. Enter the URL in the text field provided.
  2. Click on the yellow “Submit” button.
  3. The tool processes your request in a matter of seconds and generates the results.
  4. The results will show the total links which shows the total number of external and internal links a website will have, internal (which can be found on the website) and external (links to other websites), no follow (the links which indicate danger) and do follow (links which allow Google or any other search engines to follow them and reach your website correctly.). Do follow links plays a major role in ranking your website.


Yes. To get more do-follow links, you can make use of our website links count checker tool. Analyzing the results provided by our tool, you can start doing necessary changes on your website and web pages and make sure the links are more appealing to search engines like Google. All the internal and external links must be aligned to the content of the web page and used to support you with SEO in the correct manner.
Another best thing to do is Guest Blogging. Guest Blogging on a similar website that has the page authority helps in increasing your website traffic that could also lead to a better page ranking on Google.
Google like search engines will have the ranking criteria that uses a unique algorithm which can process any information quick on the uptake. Don't ever try fooling search engines as they have unique ways to prevent or detect malicious activities like buying spam links or using farm links.


No follow links are considered as a threat and play a major role in SEO ranking. The association of no-follow links to a website shows danger and hence many webmasters stopped purchasing links from undependable sources. Credible sources to link are only relied on now.
The current trend nowadays is placing links which have poorly written content on different blog sites and linked to websites. Inorder to prevent this bad practice, people start inserting no-follow in their sites.
Not only the random websites, even Google and other search engines were also affected by it and were forced to change their unique ranking algorithms. Then they created a system that will check the link validity and implemented the No-follow concept in dealing with spam websites.
Why wait? Start checking the quality of your links now!