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Web Page Size Checker: Get Accurate Result

Web page size checker is an SEO tool that can help you optimize your page size.  This web page size checker tool can be used to find out the page size of any website.

Why you Should Check the Page Size of your Website:

Page size is one of the crucial factors you have to consider for search engine optimization. Read on to find out some of the reasons why you should use a web page size checker.

First and foremost, the size of your website can affect the loading speed of your website. If your website takes too much time to load, most web users tend to discard the attempt and check for other sites, leading to high bounce rates. Research has proved that no web visitor waits for long before moving on to different sites. After all, there are hundreds and thousands of them that can serve the purpose. This means you have to make sure you don’t lose site visitors. The average size of a small web page is estimated at 12kb, and this will load quickly. Bigger page sizes will take longer to load. So you need a size checker tool to keep the size of your website in check. Some of the factors that increase page size are embedded images, video, graphics, audio, flash and other such media on a page. In short, the more the media on a page, the bigger will be the page size and the longer it takes to load. 

The time it takes to load a particular web page is the basic measure or the basis of calculating the performance of your website. Therefore, the page size is extremely important for search engine optimization and the performance of your website. 

Web page size checker tool allows you to check the size of your website online. It tells you the size of the individual web pages of your website, and thus helps you improve website performance. 

Certain web hosts allow you limited space, which makes it necessary to assess every web page and keep track of the space you are using. But more importantly, you have to keep to the size limit so that you can maintain quick loading time and lower your bounce rates. 

There are multiple methods you can use to minimize your page size. One basic way is to scale your images before using it on your web page. All images have to be appropriately scaled to fit your website.

For this, first you have to know the total size of your website. This is where our web page size checker comes in. We have developed a simple and quick tool which you can utilize to your convenience. 

How it Works:

Our web page size checker is an extremely easy tool that you can use online, completely free of cost. You can find out the total size of your website using this tool. This page size checker lets you know the size of individual pages of your website. 

All you need to do is enter the URL of the particular web page you want to check, in the space provided. Then simply click on the ‘check’ button and the web page size checker will deliver the results to you almost instantly. The result generated will display your page size in both bytes and kilo bytes. 

If you update your web page constantly with regular content and media, this tool is for you. We advise you to check your page size regularly with our high quality page size checker. Maintaining a good page size is key to ensure a satisfying user experience and also lower bounce rates. This can also help improve page ranking, also considering that the loading speed is one of the factors search engines like google check for search engine rankings. 

Now you know the significance of checking and maintaining your website size, take the next step and try out our web page size checker for free! We offer you the most reliable and accurate tool that requires minimal effort from your part. Utilize our services anytime, anywhere, this tool makes the process completely hassle free. The page size checker promises you the best results, delivered to you in no time!