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About URL Rewriting Tool

Create Search Engine Frienly URL with URL Rewriting Tool

The URL Rewriting tool can be used to convert a long dynamic URL to a static URL, in order to make it user and SEO-friendly.

Search engine optimization, as you know, is a time consuming effort, and small details can have great impact on your website performance such as page ranking and website traffic. Website owners and SEO experts prefer static URLs due to many reasons. Compared to dynamic URLs, static ones are easier to remember and book mark, as well as helpful in search engine optimization. 

With our super-efficient URL Rewriting Tool, a single click is all it takes to generate a new static URL for your website. So if you are looking to improve your website URL, this is the tool for you.

How it Works:

The URL rewriting tool is a simple tool, which can process your URL and convert it into a static URL. 

You can enter your current URL in the box provided, and run the program by clicking on the submit button. You will receive the converted static URL instantly.

Our URL rewriting tool is extremely easy and user-friendly, and delivers quick and reliable results.

You can utilize our services to convert your URL anytime, anywhere with zero expertise and technical experience. You don’t even have to install any software, it is available for free online. The process is completely effortless, and we offer you  the best results. Save time and effort, try out our URL rewriting tool now!

Why Should you Rewrite your URL: 

We have developed this URL rewriting tool to help you check and rewrite your URL if required, easily. A shorter static URL is always preferable to long dynamic URLs. This is because static URLs can help get better page ranking in different search engines like Google. Read on to know how it is helpful. 

Search Engine Optimization: Search engines prefer short query strings, so static URLs can help with SEO. Clean and simple static URLs allow major search engines to identify and create links to keywords, and distinguish folder names.

User-friendly: They are also user-friendly and much easier to remember than dynamic URLs. This can also help you get better search engine ranking as looking more user-friendly would attract more website traffic.

Easier to bookmark or index: Compared to dynamic URLs, the static URLs are much easier to index and bookmark. This allows your website to get good page ranking while search engines index dynamic URLs at a slower rate.

Load faster: Websites also load faster when they have shorter static URLs.

SEO tools such as our URL rewriting tool is extremely important and useful for webmasters. This can help you promote your website and improve visibility online, letting you extend your website’s reach to a wider range of audience across the globe. Especially in the case of e-commerce websites, this improved visibility is very important as your website traffic has a direct correlation with income generation.

What are Static and Dynamic Websites? 

Let us fill you in on some basics about static and dynamic websites, to help you make informed decisions for your website.

A static website is typically a simple webpage which does not change, and is displayed exactly how it is stored. Any website you come across, which provides information without signals is likely a static website. Small companies and businesses that do not conduct any business activities online commonly have static websites. The purpose of this website is just to show their company’s presence on the web. It can also be because the company wants to make sure nobody steals their brand name. The main advantages are it is easy and inexpensive to develop, and also easier to host. However, static websites can only provide basic information and requires HTML knowledge to update it.

Dynamic websites, on the other hand, are interactive and enables information exchange between visitors and website owners. It is also very easy to operate and update. Dynamic websites allows more functionality and lets your web visitors interact with your website easily.  The main disadvantages of this type of websites is that it is expensive to develop and host.