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Online URL Encode and Decode Tool : How It Works

The URL encoder and decoder, as the name suggests, is a tool which allows you to encode your URL easily, and similarly decode the URLs into readable formats.

This is an extremely helpful tool if you want to add special characters to a URL. This is also known as percent encoding. This URL encoding process involves the replacement of characters which are not allowed in a URL, with the percent sign (%) along with two extra hexadecimal values. 

On the other hand, URL decoder is used when you want to find out a newsletter’s source, or to know about an email campaign. URL encoder is used in the query string, which is also known as the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Its main use is to encode specific information such as special characters or symbols. 

Whatever the purpose, our online URL encoder and decoder will get the job done in no time. The URL encoder can also be utilized for data preparation and for the submission of form data in HTTP requests. Every unallowable character that needs to be changed is replaced by % sign and a two-digit hexadecimal value. This value signifies the character in an appropriate ISO character set. 

How it works: 

The online URL encoder and decoder works when you input a string of text that you wish to encode or decode using our tool. All you have to do is enter the text in the space provided, and click on the “Encode” or “Decode” button, as you require.  The results will be displayed instantly. 

The URL encoder is used to convert your URL into a useable format. Unallowable characters like special characters and symbols need to be encoded in this way. As you know, a URL generally contains encoded characters as percent symbol, and some alphanumeric texts with the white spaces encoded by a plus symbol (+) or %20.

URL decoder can be used when you want to turn this encoded text to a more readable format. For example, you can turn JavaScript URL to readable text using this tool.

Why You Need this Online URL Encoder And Decoder:

Acceptable characters in a URI can be either reserved or unreserved. The difference between these two is that reserved characters have special meanings, for example a slash symbol is used to separate the URL into different parts. Unreserved characters, on the other hand, do not have any special meanings.

Encoding the URL presents reserved characters in unique and specific character arrangements. This will change marginally depending on the conditions with every modification. The special meaning of a certain reserved character is contextual, so while managing the URI if the scheme uses that specific character to denote a different purpose, the reserved character has to be changed. In this case, the character should be percent-encoded with our online URL encoder and decoder and replaced with other symbols. 

As mentioned earlier, the percent-encoding of a reserved character involves replacing it with the percent sign and hexadecimal values. The online URL encoder and decoder does this by converting the specific reserved characters to their corresponding byte value in ASCII. This value is then represented as two hexadecimal digits, and used in place of the reserved character in the URI. 

The reserved characters do not need to be encoded if they do not have a reserved purpose.  That is, if a specific character like the slash symbol does not have any meaning or purpose attributed to it in a particular URI scheme, the contextual meaning remains the same and hence you don’t have to encode it.  On the other hand, unreserved characters are discouraged from being percent encoded. This is because URIs are considered equivalent by definition if the only difference lies in the percent encoding of an unreserved character, and to ensure maximum interoperability. 

Our online URL encoder and decoder is easy to use and provides you with reliable results. Save time and effort, and let us do the work for you. Especially if you are new to this, leave it to the pros. We offer you the best tool for this purpose. Not to mention, all for free! 

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