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Online MD5 Generator - Generate the MD5 Hash of Any String Instantly!

What is MD5 and What is it  About?

The MD5 also known as message-digest algorithm is a cryptographic and widely used hashmfunction algorithm. Even though it was initially designed to be used as a cryptographic hash function, later on it suffered from vulnerabilities. TIt involves a series of digits generated via one-way hashing technique.

Message digests are explicitly aimed at protecting the integrity of a piece of information or media, and to detect whether any aspect of a message is modified and altered. Message digests are secured one-way hash functions that take data of random size and generate a hash value of fixed length.

The Use of MD5

MD5's principal function is to measure or calculate a cryptographic hash value. While the hash function is to get chunks of data and return them with a string or hash value of a fixed size bit. The data used by hash functions is referred to as a "message;" while the hash value calculated is "message digest".

The MD5 is widely used in generating digital signatures and message authentication codes, indexing data information in hash tables, identifying copied data, for fingerprinting, sorting and identifying files, and serving as checksums in detecting unintended data corruption.

MD5 hash is used to ensure file data integrity, since the MD5 hash algorithm has a special way to generate the same results for the same data collection. MD5 users are allowed to compare a hash of the data source to the freshly generated hash on the file's destination; this allows the user to verify if the hash is intact and unchanged.

Keep in mind that MD5 hash is not an encryption but just a fingerprint of the input given. You must also realize that this is a one-way operation, which means that the user is not able to reverse a generated MD5 hash to recover the original string back again.

How to Use Our Online MD5 Generator?

It works in just three simple steps!

1. Enter the string you want to convert to MD5 on the field provided.

2. Once added, our online MD5 converter will compute your data using a uniquely designed cryptographic hashing algorithm.

3. Once our online MD5 converter finishes processing your request, you can send the MD5 hash to your recipient.

This online MD5 generator tool enables you to generate any string's MD5 hash. The encoding of passwords, credit card information and other confidential data through MySQL, Postgres or other databases is quite useful. PHP programmers, ASP programmers, and anyone who uses MySQL, SQL, or Postgres will be benefited from this online MD5 generator tool.

Know the Normal Size of An MD5 Hash Value 


A 128 bit (16 bytes) hash value can be produced by a MD5. It is characterized by a 32 digit hexadecimal number of.

Can I Decrypt MD5?

As it’s not an encryption algorithm, you cannot decrypt MD5. People get confused as they often think that MD5 can encrypt data. MD5 doesn’t have an encryption capability. MD5 can calculate only the hash value for a chosen set of data.

Are there Options to Reverse MD5?

The answer will be NO. You can not reverse MD5 because hash functions operate only on one-way procedures. The online MD5 generator can only get the data or messages, digest and generate hash values afterwards. MD5 does not have a reverse feature.

How Secure is MD5 Function?

The fact is it has been known that MD5 is non-collision prone. However it can depend on how and where you're using this MD5 as well.

Having a string of any desired length and encoding it into a 128-bit fingerprint generates an MD5 hash. Entering the same string with the online MD5 generator will always yield the same 128-bit hash result. MD5 hashes are typically used in databases like the common MySQL along with smaller strings when creating and saving passwords, credit card numbers or any other sensitive data.

MD5 is so small and it only has 32 digits! This is why it does not use too much storage space and is capable of calculating and generating hash in a shot. Keep in mind that MD5 is not used to digest passwords or any other highly critical security systems. Several MD5 guidelines can be found on the web for your protection. This online MD5 generator tool can help you properly use the MD5.