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About Link Price Calculator

How Link Price Calculator Works

The Link Price Calculator is a very useful tool, which can compute the estimated prices for any given link. This tool is equally beneficial to both website owners and advertisers. It can tell you how much you should charge or pay for a particular link. 

This is important because many popular sites generate income by selling backlinks to their site for a given price. Website owners need this because backlinks to popular websites or an authority page can help improve their page ranking on Google and other major search engines. 

You can use our Link price calculator to calculate the proper link prices whenever you wish to purchase or sell backlinks with websites. This can save you the time and effort it takes to make the calculation manually, and also make price negotiations easy.

How It Works:

This Link Price Calculator is equipped with an efficient algorithm that can determine a website link’s value based on the particular website’s reputation, page ranking , age of websites and number of backlinks among others.

As a website owner, this is the only tool you will need to finalize how much you have to charge for a given URL or text link, per month. Similarly, if you wish to promote your website with backlinks on another site, our links price calculator tool can help you find out the actual price you need to pay. You can negotiate prices with the website owner accordingly. 

Our link price calculator is very easy to use. You are not required to have any programming skills to use this tool. You can simply enter the URL in the box provided, and submit. In just one click, you will receive the proper price estimate of the entered link. 

The results will display the link price for a month in US Dollars. It takes into account all the important factors to get you the right link price. Some of the components you should keep in mind are the age of your website, number of backlinks, page rankings etc, when computing link prices for your website.

Why Should You Use Link Price Calculator:

Many website owners and advertisers have faced difficulties when it comes to link price calculation. Getting appropriate price estimates for your links can be a taxing task. We have developed this link price calculator to ease this task for you. 

Website owners prioritize buying quality backlinks because they play an important role in securing better SEO. Also, higher the number of backlinks to your website, higher will be the website traffic. If you want to purchase a backlink, it is always best to have an idea how much popular websites would charge per link. Once you know that, you can proceed to negotiate prices with webmasters or website owners. 

You have to keep in mind that link prices can fluctuate depending on different factors, it is not constant. If your website gains popularity, your link price goes up. Similarly if your website traffic goes down the link prices will also decrease. Keeping track of this fluctuating popularity and website traffic for a given period is difficult. The link price calculator automates this task and generates quick results. 

As mentioned earlier, link prices can keep changing. We advise using our links price calculator regularly to keep yourself informed about the updated link prices, regardless of whether you are looking to sell or purchase backlinks. 

Both buyers and sellers can use this utility to get proper estimates and determine actual prices. Sellers would always try to get best prices for their links. This tool can prevent overcharging or under-pricing of the links, and lead to better partner relationships. Good partnerships with other websites can be beneficial for your website performance. It can help you maintain relevance and become an authority page. In this event, you will also be able to consider selling advertising spaces. Website owners can benefit largely from this, as you can generate more income if more advertisers are linked to your website. Based on the popularity of your website, you can determine the price estimates. Advertisers would be ready to pay higher amounts than market price for advertising space in a very popular website.