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Website Link Checker Tool to Keep Track of all the Links of Your Website

Link Analyzer Tool by CYFER SEO TOOLS

Link Analyzer or Website link checker tool helps you to analyze the links on your website. Using this Website link checker tool, you can analyze both external and internal links related to your site. To put it in simple words, External Links are the links that point to an entirely separate domain whereas internal Links point to the content within the same domain.

The website link checker tool enables you to analyze your overall link profile as compared to your competitors and find the web page sources which will be great to generate links. Many major popular search engines contemplate links as the signs of trustworthiness or votes for a particular website. Links with strong content give a high-value traffic flow you are searching for. A free link analysis software is therefore very relevant.

Only one URL (webpage) at a time can be evaluated using this website link checker tool. So you should analyze each webpage one by one and not just the homepage if you want to conduct an in-depth link audit.

How to Use this Link Analyzer Tool?

To use this Link Analyzer tool,

1. Enter the URL of the web page

2. Select the type of links to return: external links, internal links, or both.

3. Click on Submit

This website link checker tool will generate instant results. The report shows both incoming and outgoing links and the anchor text associated with them. When hyperlinked images appear on the page, the alt attribute of the picture is displayed as the anchor text.

How Does This Link Analyzer Tool Work?

This free website link checker tool by CYFER SEO tools is developed to help website owners and SEO professionals in analyzing the links on a website. This website link checker tool can identify the links at the same time that spiders are crawling on a given page of your website. All you have to do is to write the URL of your website in the text box and then click on the “Submit” button. Our system will process your request and will display the results instantly.

This free website link checker tool shows the total number of links found on your web page and the number of internal and external links on a web page.

With the help of this website link checker tool, you can easily identify the dead links and remove them to improve the page quality. This is beneficial for your website as it can greatly help with search engine optimization and to get a good page ranking for your web pages.

Benefits of  Link  Analyzer Tool

The link analyzer can analyze internal and external or incoming and outgoing links.

This link checker has been developed to provide a table of internal and external links of your website. If your website contains hidden links or spam links, you can use the website link checker tool to determine these hidden links and spam links. It will also show you which websites are sending you traffic or which of them are sending backlinks. You can use this website link checker tool to focus on the major web pages, and thereby improve the other links to get a higher page ranking in different search engines like Google.

On-site Link Analysis and How it Works for SEO?

There are so many different ways to categorize internal links. Any SEO audit or website review can make at least a quick inspection of on-site links. In fact, the on-site linkage is the key element of any website because badly placed links and broken links create chaos for the crawlers and for the user.

Off-site Link Analysis and How it works for SEO?

Off-site link analysis helps to know where the existing Outbound Links are pointing, outbound links and architectures are built.

Importance of this Link Analyzer Tool

From the results of this website link checker tool, you can easily make a link analysis of your website and compare it to your competitor’s websites' number of incoming/outgoing links.

The impact of Search Engine rankings on your website is also really high, and it is measured using a specific parameter that high-end search engines like Google knows. Keep your web pages free from bad links and other errors because doing that helps you rank higher on the search engine result pages.