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About Find My IP Address

Find My IP Address Tool- Check Your Real Public IP Address

Knowing your IP address is crucial for many things such as online gaming, tech support, using remote desktop connections, anonymity or even running an email server. IP addresses are not an everyday topic, yet they exist. FIND MY IP ADDRESS tool from CYFER SEO TOOLS makes IP address lookup easy.

Now without your IP address, websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and wouldn’t know where to send the information you request. That is why it is called “address” because it is where these sites send the requested information to your computer. The importance of knowing your IP address explains why we created this amazing tool, FIND MY IP ADDRESS.

What is an IP Address?

“Internet Protocol”, is what IP stands for. "Protocol" here refers to the security rules and guidelines governing computer networks. The "address" portion of the IP address refers to a specific collection of numbers that are connected to all of your Internet activities.

An IP address isn't something you sign up for; once you're online, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will automatically allocate you an active IP address. To access the internet you need to have an active IP address. IP addresses are not assigned to individuals, but to computers.

IP Address Versions

There are two IP addresses versions:

  1. Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)
  2. Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).

Additionally, there are private and public IP addresses too.

Private IP addresses are static and reusable in nature and are preserved by the Internet Engineering Task Force wherein public IP addresses are dynamic in nature, which means they change often and are thus temporary IP addresses. Each time they get connected to the internet, these IP addresses are assigned to a computer.

Know That Your IP Address isn't Really Yours

An ISP will give each device a unique IP address so that it can connect online. Your Internet Service Provider is the one that allows you access to the internet; your internet activity goes through them and, using your IP address, they route it back.

These are public IP addresses, as described above. They are unique generally and can modify any time. In fact, if you do anything as easy as turning it off and on your router or modem, an IP address will change. When you're in your house, your system is given an IP address. The IP address you see when you're at a library would be different from the IP address you see at home, a cafe, or a railway station. You should see it all for yourself. You may just visit this page [] to check out the IP address you are using the next time you use your laptop at a local restaurant, airport or cafe.

About The “Find My IP Address” Tool

FIND MY IP ADDRESS tool is simply a robust tool for checking the IP address that has been assigned to your computer at any time. But the tool not only shows you the IP address, it also shows a map of where the IP address is located and the information about the IP host, location, including the hostname, country, region, etc.

How “Find My IP Address” Works

Find My IP address doesn’t need you to do anything special to start using it other than to visit its web page, or just type CYFER SEO TOOLS FIND MY IP ADDRESS. It’s that simple. Once you’re on the page, the tool will automatically pull all the information listed above to display your IP address immediately.

Why Check For An IP Address?

You may check your IP addresses for several different reasons, but some of the very common reasons why you might look up your IP address are for security purposes, to determine the IP address of a website you want to build backlinks from; because if you have numerous links coming from websites using the same IP address, the quality of those links will go down, for the record, or to know if your computer is sending out the right information about you, to know where your internet activity is emanating from, to forward as a request for tech support and mainly the IP addresses are also important to things like online gaming, remote desktop applications, and proxy detection.

Come on in and start using our “Find My IP Address” tool to start getting accurate results.