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How To Check Blacklist IP Address

If your regular website traffic drops and you don’t get site visitors, you will need to run a blacklist IP check to find out if your domain has been blacklisted, as this could be one of the reasons. Consider a website owner sending out promotional emails to hundreds of people. If the receivers mark this mail as spam, your website could get placed on a blacklist by the email service provider. You should always perform a blacklist IP check to check if a domain is blacklisted before you purchase it. 

 A blacklist service is being run by some organizations on the internet. Email service providers use services such as DNSBL or SURBL to check if a website is blacklisted, in an attempt to eliminate all spam mails from reaching their users. DNSBL services list/ delist website addresses based on different criteria. SURBL, on the other hand, maintains a directory of blacklisted websites for appearing in the spam mail’s text. Both of these services are used as primary spam filters by email service providers.

Search engines blacklist websites for a number of different reasons. Some of the basic reasons are:

  • If your website is involved in spamming
  • If the website is suspected of being used to hack other sites
  • If the website is linked to suspicious websites

What does getting blacklisted mean for the website? Once the website is blacklisted by a search engine, it will be removed from the internet. Legitimate websites generally do not end up blacklisted, but keep in mind that this is done based on your website content and links. If the search engine detects any bad links or suspicious activity on your website, it could be the end of your website’s existence. To know this, you have to run a blacklist IP check.

What is Blacklist IP Address? 

Search engines blacklist IP address of the website. So, if the search engine blacklists a website which utilizes a dynamic IP address, it means every website sharing this IP address will also be removed from the internet. 

A blacklist IP address database maintains lists of these websites as ‘abusive hosts’. This allows browsers and email service providers to filter and protect users from potential threats like malware and virus. As a website owner, you will need to check if your website is listed on this database, however, it is virtually impossible to do it manually. You need a blacklist IP check tool for this purpose. 

If you find out that your website is blacklisted, you have to take immediate measures to get it removed from the same. Google allows you to check their blacklist with Google analytical tools. We have developed this blacklist IP check tool which allows you to check this easily.

Blacklisting is not exclusive to websites. In case you lose your smartphone, or it gets stolen, you can place your phone on a blacklist. All you have to do is report the ‘IMEI’ number of your phone to your service provider.  

How it Works: 

Blacklist lookup is a simple user-friendly tool you can use to run a blacklist IP check and discover whether your website has been blacklisted. You only have to know the IP address of your domain to use this tool. Simply enter the IP address in the space provided to run a check, and our blacklist lookup tool will let you know if your website is listed on a DNSBL list.  

With the number of devices and websites using the internet, it has become increasingly important for websites to ensure protection against hackers virus and malware attacks. Website owners also have to maintain their site’s legitimacy and prevent it from getting blacklisted. 

Once it is blacklisted, it can be difficult to remove and get reinstated. There are some tools available for this purpose, however it does not guarantee success. It is advisable to ensure the protection of your website so that this doesn’t happen.Make sure you do not use backlinks from unknown sites, and ensure all your links are from legitimate sites with no suspicious activities. Let your backlinks and website grow organically, there are no fool proof shortcuts or tricks for better ranking.

We offer you a handy tool to run regular blacklist IP checks, easily. Try it out now!