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Baclink Checker Tool - A simple Tool to Check Backlink

Backlinks, along with content, is one of the most important factors that influence the performance of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). Typically, websites with higher number of backlinks perform better on search engine results pages. Also, the higher the quality of your website’s backlinks, higher is the chances of better search engine rankings.

Hence, to create well-performing backlinks, you have to focus not only on the quantity, but quality and relevance of the backlink as well. If your site is crowded with lots of low-quality backlinks, your search engine rankings will suffer. Therefore, it is always better to have a few relevant, high-quality backlinks than to have a hundred low-quality ones. This is one of the reasons you need to use a backlink checker tool. You have to monitor and keep checking your site's backlinks and their value.

Given its direct correlation with search engine rankings, it is advisable to give utmost importance to your site’s backlinks. For this purpose, first you’ll need to have an idea of what your backlink profile looks like. In other words, you’ll need to analyze your backlinks to know where you are in terms of seo and where it is that you need to get to. This is where our seo backlink checker tool comes in.

How it works:

You can make use of our backlink checker tool online to carry out a thorough analysis of your website’s backlinks. It will provide you with a detailed backlink report for any active website or web page.

This backlink checker tool has multiple applications:

  • It can be used to track where your backlinks are coming from
  • You can perform a backlink analysis and audit for any site
  • It allows you to research and identify your best performing content
  • It shows which keywords or pages are bringing you the most links
  • You can examine your competitors’ backlink profile and detect their top valued backlinks.  This can help you detect patterns and spot any possible link building opportunities.

Our backlink checker tool delivers reliable results, and does a lot more than simply showing you the list of backlinks. This tool displays the URL of the particular web page that is linking back to your website, and also shows you the exact anchor text that is used in the link back. With this backlilnk checker tool, you can also view the Link Type to see whether it is Follow or NoFollow. 

It can also show you the Ahref Domain Rating of the domain linking back to your site and even provides an option to check the Ahrefs URL Rating of the website that is linking back.

Our backlink checker tool provides you with more relevant metrics including the total number of backlinks to your site, organic keywords and traffic, total number of referring domains, total number of nofollow and dofollow links on your site and more.

Our backlink checker tool is extremely user-friendly and requires no expertise at all. You don’t need to be a techie or have knowledge in SEO, or prior experience; you can simply use this backlink checker tool online. All you need to do is enter your URL in the space provided. You can choose to enter the homepage URL or the URL of an individual page, for instance a blog post URL. You can then choose whether to show external links for the particular page you entered, or for all pages on the domain. Then, simply click on the ‘Check backlink’ button, and receive results almost immediately. The initial report generated by the backlink checker tool shows you only the top few backlinks pointing to your domain . The report is often limited to show one link per domain, and you can view all links by clicking further. There is also an option to download the report. 

Once you receive the backlinks detailed report, you will be able to identify your blind spots. This will enable you to improve SEO, recover lost links, analyze competitor profiles, and earn valuable links. Take concrete, data-driven steps to improve your website’s performance in SERPs.  Take the first step today, try out the top backlink checker tool available free of cost.