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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Rank Checker - Check Alexa Rank of Multiple Websites Online Free!

To test how popular a website is, the most ideal way to do that is to figure out the website's "Web Alexa". Alexa is owned by Amazon and is a web analytics firm that offers web traffic statistics and other marketing metrics based on information it collects from various toolbars and web browser plugins from across the World.

Alexa Ranking ranks the pages according to their popularity. It is a global ranking system that makes use of web traffic data to create a usage-related list of the most popular websites on the Internet.

This list does not include all the world's domain names but it includes millions of them. The only reason a domain name may not be included is that it is not popular enough in terms of the number of people who visit or use it. Alexa Rank Checker by CYFER SEO TOOLS is based on "how well a website has been performing in the past 3 months relative to all other websites on the web.

Alexa Rank Checker lets you quickly check the Rank Alexa of any website on the Internet. We've designed the tool to be reliable, so you can trust it to produce accurate and understandable results from Alexa's web engines directly.

Let's see how Alexa Ranking works and why you do need to test it first.

How are Alexa’s Traffic Rankings Decided?

Alexa's Traffic Ranks are based on Alexa's global sample traffic data over a rolling 3-month span. The ranking of a site is based upon a combined measure of Unique Visitors and Pageviews. Unique Visitors are defined by the amount of unique Alexa users visiting a website on a particular day. Page-views says about the total number of Alexa user URL requests for a website. But the multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user will be counted as a single page view. # 1 is ranked the site with the highest combination of unique visitors and page views. Additionally, to correct biases that may occur in our data, we use data normalization.

Alexa’s Traffic Ranks are only for domains, not for subdomains unless they are able to automatically identify them as personal home pages or blogs, like those hosted on sites like If a site is identified as a personal home page or blog, apart from its host domain, it will have its own Traffic Rating. Now that you are all clear with the data from Alexa Rank Checker, let's talk about actually checking your website’s Alexa Rank (with Alexa Rank Checker by CYFER SEO Tools).

About Alexa Rank Checker by CYFER SEO Tools

Alexa Rank Checker is a free online tool that lets users check a website's current position on the Alexa ranking system.

The tool is developed by experts with thorough knowledge of the pros and cons of web analytics and are thus designed to be highly accurate. You can trust our tool to deliver accurate results from the web engines of Alexa.

Alexa Rank Checker by CYFER SEO Tools can show you the following data:

  • Global Rank: The website rank being analyzed relative to all other worldwide websites.
  • Reach: How many different people visit the website (as Alexa reports based on the number of users in the Alexa Toolbar that they can track)?
  • Country: The country with the highest visitor rate.
  • Country Rank: The website's rank in that country.
  • Change: Why the site 's rating has either decreased or enhanced.

Why Use Alexa Rank Checker by CYFER SEO Tools?

There you are! Well, here are a few reasons why you should use our ALEXA RANK CHECKER.

  • Our tool is designed with the newest, most advanced technologies required to provide the most reliable results you can trust.
  • Ease of use (we've analyzed other tools and none of them makes it this easy).
  • Test the Alexa Rank of multiple websites (up to 5) at one go, allowing you to compare and contrast, which goes back to the marketing benefits of testing Alexa rankings, with our Alexa Rank Checker, that too completely FREE!
  • A unique algorithm which thoroughly analyzes the URL provided by the user to deliver FAST results.

How to Use Alexa Rank Checker?

Alexa Rank Checker is extremely user-friendly and automatic. You'll just need to follow some steps to use our tool:

Step # 1: Enter the URLs to be checked. You can add up to 5 domain names, each in a separate line, where our tool will search them simultaneously.

Step #2: Click on the 'Submit' button below.


Voila! There your results are!